MEP in the Built Environment stands for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services required in a building or other construction projects. The MEP infrastructure is also commonly referred to as Building Services.

Without building services our living spaces would be incomplete and just cubicles or shells.

Picture yourself in a room with no lighting, electrical power outlets like sockets for use when you want to watch your best TV program, no water in the taps or just a single tap outside the house, no flushing toilets etc. Liveable, but not very convenient, right?

The most common challenges experienced in homes and commercial buildings which include poor quality fittings, poor workmanship, leaking pipes, inconveniently positioned switches could be avoided if a little spend was channelled towards engagement of a professional MEP engineer in the project.

MEP design is important for cost planning, compliance with regulations or relevant building codes, fit for purpose installations, more predictable performance of the services including reliability, efficiency, lower running costs, comfort, and convenience.

MEP engineers should be engaged at the beginning of a project to enable them get access to the client/user requirements from the onset of the project and for better coordination with other consultants.

We have a flexible system of fees based on the type of project, complexity, and size. Please feel free to contact us.