We offer Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings Plumbing Solutions Design.  These would include systems that allow the movement of fluids typically involving pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks…


We offer residential or commercial or industrial mechanical building services design that would include heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), transportation systems such as lifts and escalators…


When it comes to choosing your electrical systems design for your living or working space; quality and trust should never be compromised. Working with a professional is an absolute must. With vast experience and a real…


Comfort Build Engineers offer Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings Services (MEP) Solutions Design, Factory Planning and Project Management with a Bias to Factory Installation.


Factory design is one of our most favourite services. We are large on this. CBE Consultants has studied the factory design industry and therefore knows the dos and don’ts.

The following are key benefits derived from the services we offer:

  • Standards in building
  • Compliance with building code
  • Quality assurance on the work by contractors
  • Proper documentation of installation for future reference including as built drawings and operational performance at the handover
  • Energy efficient designs which deliver lowest operational costs Value for money installations based on the standards of performance desired by the client
  • Design by qualified and certified Engineers who will specify, make sure correct materials are sourced and installations are made to standard codes
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